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Figma for Machine Learning.

We help you develop scalable Machine Learning with drag and drop functionalities just like magic!


Automated deployment of Machine Learning Algorithms.


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Data Processing without any qualms.

AutoMl helps you convert data easily. We increase the accuracy and efficiency of the machine learning model.

Machine Learning Algorithms without bounds..

We make it easy and fast to analyse and make data driven recommendations and decisions based on the input data.

Why we are building this?

Machine learning has always been seen as a field that requires some super powers to practice. The amount of mathematical and coding skills required to even build the simplest machine learning model and deploy it would make an average person think twice before venturing into such a heinous task, making these requirements a huge bottleneck to anyone who wants to get started in the field of machine learning.

We at AutoML feel quite differently about what machine learning should be and also can be. Which is why we sought out to build a platform that levels the playing ground for every and anyone involved in machine learning. With AutoML building machine learning models building and deploying machine learning models is greatly simplified and accessible to every mind out there, hence making machine learning a field determined by creativity rather than knowledge and skills.